Beyond Tablet Mini Edition includes Best Game Pack
Beyond Tablet Mini Edition is a screen free smart tablet
Battle of Numbers - Animals
Enchanted Forest
Lost Pyramid
Monster Maze
Multiple Choice
Beyond Tablet Mini Edition & Classic Games Pack

Beyond Tablet Mini Edition & Classic Games Pack

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1 Beyond Tablet Mini Edition which includes the Classic Game Pack.

The Classic Game Pack features 6 classic Beyond Tablet games in the fields of mathematics, logic, music, coding, and stage show production. All games can be played at both home and school. Up to 4 players can play a Beyond Tablet at once. 

  • Battle of Numbers - Animalsis a two-player game that helps players learn the concepts of number and quantity.                                                    Ages: 3+ Player: 1-2P                                                 
  • Lost Pyramidis a logic puzzle game that improves a child's logical thinking ability by using combinations of symbols and colors.                        Ages: 4+ Player: 1P                      
  • Multiple Choiceis a question-and-answer encyclopedic quiz game. A broad range of topics such as geography, space, society, animals, health, botany, sciences, and arts are all covered in the game                                  Ages: 5+ Player: 1-4P                                 
  • Monster Maze -  is an entry level coding game. Players create their own maze and move the dynamic point position to play the game.                        Ages: 5+ Player: 1-2P                      
  • Pentomino - is a game that trains children's visual and spatial perception by segmenting graphics.                                                                                  Ages: 4+ Player: 1P                                                                                
  • Enchanted Forest   is a game that develops children's creativity and imagination. In the game, children play as directors who pick the characters they need through the theme of a stage show named magic forest, and use their imagination to arrange the plot and edit the dialogue for them.       Ages 5+    Player: 1-4 P